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Kango Express is pleased to offer a delivery service to Thailand.
Customers can enjoy the great features of these from our services

  • Service delivery across the country with services and our direct services

  • Services sizing, resulting in significant savings to the cost of shipping. Product

  • buy in order to retailers on your behalf.

Consolidated shipments Thailand normally takes about 4-6 days to arrive in Bangkok. Please allow an additional 1-2 days for customs clearance before the packages were sent for the local delivery.

For delivery within 3-4 days, add more delivered straight to Thailand for generally will be sent to your home / office within 3-4 days of shipping from our warehouse without delay.

any customs with every delivery, these are estimates and are affected by the problem, such as unforeseen weather or airport delays.

Integration Services from the US. All packages must be scheduled to be delivered before this time.

January 2021

25th January 2021

  • Tax rates start from 0-100%, 30-40%, most imports are subject to VAT at the standard rate of 7% of the total value of CIF, duty.

  • For the products under 1,500THB (CIF Value) will be tax-free (VAT 7% will be applied)

    when shipments arrive, we will serve the advanced and taxes on behalf of clients that will be settled by the client, respectively, before. we will send out the package.

    Customers must contact the local office prior to placing your order, check the list of taxes and duties to the order.

Kango Express Thailand Consolidation Rates

From US Warehouse
Total Chargeable Weight (kg) Rate in $USD*
0.00-0.50 $29.99 Flat
0.51-1.00 $29.99 Flat
1.01-5.00 $29.99 Per Kilo
5.01-10.00 $29.99 Per Kilo
10.01-20.00 $29.99 Per Kilo
20.01-50.00 $29.99 Per Kilo
50.01-100.00 $29.99 Per Kilo
100.01-300.00 $29.99 Per Kilo
300.01-500.00 $29.99 Per Kilo
500.01-Above $29.99 Per Kilo
Package Handling Fee $3.00 Per Package
Special Notes*

Rate subject to Import Duty and Domestics Delivery

Your final shipping charges will be based on either

the volume/dimensional weight or the actual weight,

whichever is greater. *Please see more details in “Calculate Shipping Weight”

Import of items which are controlled by FDA

having an additional fee at 500 THB/KG

Import of items which are contains Battery/Lithium Battery

having an additional fee at 500 THB/KG

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If cargoes value over 1,500 THB (45 USD) Customs tax and duty may applied

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