Courier Service provide the solution for shipping and importing parcels & documents worldwide by specialist team. So, you can ensure the excellent of our service, we taking care every detail of the transaction from the initial quote through delivery to the final destination.


Sea Freight

Sea freight service, providing FCL and LCL shipping that connecting all major container port in the world. Moreover, we have the great working relations with our partner in sea freight industry. Your cargo will reach its intended destination safely and affordable.


Air Freight

This provide from small express shipments to large scale projects, you can ensure the safe transportation and timely arrival of your goods by the great working relations with our partner around the world. Furthermore, we offer all kinds of services, door-to-door, airport-to-airport, door-to-airport or airport-to-door. So, you can plan for your shipping precise and highest efficiency.


Project Cargo

Transportation Service for heavy lift and break bulk cargo including with machines factory for the petrochemical, mining and energy industries that all using the most expertise to moving, because we need to practice base on safety and management by the rule strictly.


Special Cargo

Special cargo services, we offer ISO tank transportation service such as chemical, oil and vegetable oil. Moreover, we offer FlexiTank transportation service such as chemicals, beverages and food. We taking care of every detail of the transportation base on the high standards of safety.



Packing services is the first step for safe shipment. Our solutions included from packaging your product on wooden pallets, seal and fasten product until shipment. We care about every step of packing because, we believe that deliver with no damage is the most important. Moreover, we offer paper pallet service for clients who want export wood to others country base on regulation requirements.



We offers a custom clearance service to our clients for Inbound-Outbound, Documents for BOI and other required documents by specialists who have the most experience for customs clearance. So, you will know The process of customs clearance from their advice that can help you to save your time, reducing the complicate process and avoid the risk from incomplete document.


Warehouse & Distribution

We offer a warehouse & distribution service for varieties of item such as general finishes products, raw materials,. And special product that require special care by using the best inventory management in the process, to provide our customers with the most reliable, fast and efficient delivery.



TRUCKING, Cross Border Transportation by fleet of vehicles comprises, 4/6/10/ wheeler truck and tractor head which cross Industrial estate and major ports in order to saving logistic cost.


Kango Express

A new option for shopping in the U.S. and shipping your items to Thailand. You Shop, Kango Ship!